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October 28, 2017


***Our EXOTIC Tea package contains white, green, masala and dream tea, plus a coaster and a teal mug.***

Are you tired of flat and bland teas?

Did you know that sips of a good tea could help you start your day actively and at the same time, have soothing effects on your stress levels?

Do you desire quality and excellent tea tastes that can release you from every pressure and stress?

Then Tapestry Tea Kit is the exact match for you!

With extreme and genuine love for high quality, unique and satisfying teas; the Tapestry Tea company has tested, and carefully searched through ages, places, cultures and flavors and have discovered the best tea kit and blends for you.

We offer unique tea blends in our award-winning tea kits, at a pocket-friendly price that gives you more value for your money and ensure that every savored taste, breeds a lot of satisfaction.

Our Tea kit includes a combination of soul-lifting teas that will guarantee you unquantifiable satisfaction and quench your thirst with style.

Our EXOTIC Tea Package contains:

  • White Tea (including the pleasantly savory strawberry flavor).
  • Green Tea, (made from Camellia Sinensis and having an accompanying host of health benefits)
  • Masala Tea, and
  • Dream Tea,

The Exotic Tea Collection is blended carefully for great taste, words can hardly qualify it, it will make you ask for more; ‘res ipsa loquitor’- the fact speaks for itself. (A trial will convince you).

Secondly, Our Black Tea Kit:

This is the best tea combination that can wake up your body system completely in the morning, after a long night. This Tea kit comprises of Eight samples in all, including our:

  • Irish Breakfast Tea
  • Earl Grey Tea, (flavored with additional oil of bergamot, and capable of fighting stress and boosting energy).
  • Masala Chai Tea,(with lovely aromatic Indian spices and herbs) and
  • Tropical Black tea. (newest of its kind with a smooth medley of tropical fruit flavors)

Tapestry Tea Kit

We also have tantalizing additions to our tea kits such as coasters, teal mugs and gray mugs that will completely blow your mind and make your sips a living royalty.

It is true that some tea kits are special, but only a few are angelic; our tea kit is a complete embodiment of that specialty and class.

Jump off the Hamster’s wheels and get the taste of tea in its purest form.

Try Our Tapestry award-winning tea Kits today and see for yourself.

With tapestry tea, each sip is bliss!

You can get more information on each tea kits by clicking on them.

The time to order is now!

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