Happy Holidays from Tapestry Tea Company!



WHY did we pick TAPESTRY for the company name?

  1. Tapestry means an intricate or complex combination of things or sequence of events, to reach a conclusion. As we do with teas, flavors, spices, fruits and herbs then blend them for taste and texture.

WHY did you pick the square style of tea bag?

  1. Because they let the most amount of water in and the flavor out.

WHY did you eliminate the string on the teabag?

  1. Strings cause dripping when you take them out and the staple is metal…not good. Ours can be put into the disposal, garbage or compost heap.

WHAT’S  with the pouch?

  1. We looked at tins, boxes and many styles of pouches. Our two layered pouch is easy to ship, and keeps the tea fresher than any other packing that we investigated. It also does not need an another container to put the bags in and in the end is re-usable.

WHY did you select the number of 30 teabags per package?

  1. We felt that that was a great monthly ration and all thirty teabags fit perfectly into our wonderful pouch.

 WHY do you say your tea is flavor-filled?

  1. As tea lovers, we experienced too many blah, boring and flavorless teas. So we sought out sources for premium teas with distinctive tastes and flavors.

WHEN you decided to start a company why did you pick TEA?

  1. We love drinking tea hot and cold. We both had found some tasty teas, but those  became impossible to find. We then had the challenge to find something just as  delicious.

HOW long has it taken you to launch your company?

  1. We have spent almost two years researching all aspects of tea from the history, packaging, and taste tasting well over 120 different teas from many countries, plantations, and distributors.

WHAT does Masala Chai mean?

  1. It is one of the oldest tea combinations out there…Masala is a Hindi word for mixed-up spices. Chai refers to the beverage of tea.

WHAT is Bergamot?

  1. Bergamot is a fruit that is green like a lime and the size of an orange. It is used to add flavor and scent to Earl Grey tea.

WHY did you add berry flavor to your GREEN tea?

  1. Green tea can be very bland; we wanted to add flavor for using it for hot tea as well as iced tea.

WHY did you add single serve cups to your tea collection?

  1. The single serve or POD's are one of the fastest growing areas of tea consumption in the US.

WHERE does most of your tea originate?

  1. Most of the teas are from India, China, and Sri Lanka/Ceylon.