Our Philosophy

 Bland… was all we could find in the wide world of tea.  As two devoted tea lovers, we hit a wall. Our two cherished teas, which we woke up to and sipped throughout the day, became impossible to find.  We began tasting every commercially sold tea out there. Here was the most highly consumed liquid next to water for centuries and yet each one we tasted seemed lackluster. We wanted to sip the classics, but they needed to be profoundly more flavorful and delicious. We needed to create our own teas!

Tea not only needs to taste good. It should also smell tantalizing, look appealing and leave a rich after- taste. That was our goal. After months of serious research, working with tea producers from all over the world, we got it. Not only did we update the classic breakfast and Earl Grey teas but we added a green, masala chai, a white, a berry and a few more to please you.