Tapestry Tea Company Dream Tea Bags Herbal Sleep Tea Blend with Chamomile 17 Natural Herbal Ingredients Tranquil Relaxation and Sleep-Aid - 30 Count

 PREMIUM NATURAL SLEEP AID BLEND with 17 HERBS from around the world including Chamomile. This premium tea with all natural ingredients is a calming botanical blend that leads you to a world of tranquility. It's minty taste is soothing and each sip leads you toward relaxation and sleep. Great for mediation, yoga and a good nights sleep.

GOLD MEDAL Winner  2017 Global Tea Championship Sleep/Relaxation Category.

ALL NATURAL INGREDIENTS and contains No Caffeine.

30 Biodegradable Unbleached Tea Bags with No Strings,Tags or Staples. 

Resealable Standup Pouch Foil Lined to Maintain Freshness.

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