Masala Chai Cinnamon Spice Black Tea Blend - 30 Tea Bags

 Masala Chai Spice Black Tea Blend Tea Bags. Unsweetened Rich Robust Full-Bodied Premium Black Tea Infused with Savory Spices. Masala Chai Spice Black Tea has a Brisk Spicy taste with notes of Cinnamon, Cloves, and Flavoring that warms your senses. A Full-Flavored, Aromatic, Malty Brew with a Dark Coppery Color. Excellent with Milk and Sugar or Enjoy as-is, Hot or Cold, all day long. Whole Leaf Black Tea lightly milled to Extract Maximum Flavor. Eco Tea Bags in a Custom Stand-up Pouch that preserves Freshness and Aroma. 


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